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          CONTACT US
          Jiangsu Meizizi Food Co., Ltd
          Address:Baqiao industrial concentration zone, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province
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          Jiangsu Meizizi Food Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2007. It is located in the central area of ecological park of Yangzhou national agricultural science and Technology Park, Jiangsu Province. It is a leading agricultural industrialization enterprise of Yangzhou city. It is adjacent to the east side of the entrance and exit of the eight bridges of Beijing Shanghai Expressway in the West. It has the traffic advantage of "being in a corner, connecting all directions, and occupying the middle of Jiangsu and reaching the whole country".
          The company is located in a large number of local raw material resources, especially the local weak gluten red wheat, which is the main raw material for the production of biscuits. Since its establishment, the company has always firmly united its faith, always guaranteed fresh resources, and enhanced its first-class service concept. The company covers an area of 15000 square meters and a production workshop of 11000 square meters. Meizizi is an export enterprise specializing in the design, development, production, sales and service of biscuit products. With more than 20 years of cake making technology, the company produces various types of biscuits, the most characteristic sucrose free alkaline soda, and the multi-layer fermentation technology has become the choice of all kinds of people from a healthy point of view, which is deeply loved by the majority of consumers in the market. Since its establishment, the company has passed the GB / t22000-2006 / ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification by combining traditional food technology with modern food production technology. In order to make the products enter the international market smoothly, the company has also passed the FDA certification of the United States Food and drug administration, making it the first to enter the United States market in similar products. The "fengweiyuan" trademark held by the company has become a "famous trademark of Yangzhou City", won the title of "city leading enterprise", and won the honor of "provincial consumption demonstration unit". Meizizi food always adheres to the business philosophy of "building a business with integrity, striving for survival with quality, and developing an enterprise with specialty". In terms of safety, health and production management, Meizizi food strictly controls the quality of food. The company has established a good corporate image from the fundamental interests of customers and consumers and from the perspective of safety and health. Since its establishment, the company has been participating in large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad to open up international markets. At present, its exports are sold to twenty countries and regions such as the Middle East, South Korea, Central America, Asia, Africa and so on. Now, along with the development of the region, the state and domestic sales situation has been developing steadily, and domestic products have spread to all kinds of large and medium-sized supermarkets. Alibaba international station platform, as well as domestic Alibaba enterprise station and Taobao station. Strictly implement the national food quality and safety standards. Since the beginning of the venture, we have adhered to the management principle of "to ensure the perfection with the best, to build the trust with the good faith", and to build the quality and future of the enterprise with the world's advanced standards. To build a good reputation of the enterprise, the company has unremitting pursuit of consumer satisfaction. The company has better price, better quality purchase channels, strict management system and strong service concept to provide consumers with healthy original products.
          Meizizi food company highly values "professional concentration, let you rest assured", and continuously improves the product quality through internal and external repair, and strives to provide consumers with more healthy, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly food.
          Honors of the company:
          Obtained the right of self import and export in 2009
          Passed ISO22000 certification in 2009
          In 2010, it was awarded a grade a contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Yangzhou city
          In 2010, it obtained the qualification inspection of Yangzhou industrial enterprise
          In 2011, "fengweiyuan" won the title of "Yangzhou famous brand"
          Top 10 quality management enterprises in Gaoyou in 2011
          Top 10 leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization in 2011
          In 2012, fengweiyuan trademark was successfully registered in Nigeria
          Won the title of key leading enterprise of Yangzhou agricultural industrialization in 2012
          Won the title of Yangzhou advanced unit in 2014
          Won Yangzhou demonstration unit in 2015
          Famous trademark of Yangzhou City in 2016
          Top 10 agricultural leading enterprises of Gaoyou in 2017